JetAHU clients include

20:20 Logistics
Astra Zeneca
Athlone Mail Centre
Bertram Books
Dublin Mail Centre
Entertainment UK
Exel Logistics
Glasgow City Council
Guernsey Post Office
Imperial War Museum
LM Solutions
L'Oreal Golden
Max Park
Plumb Center
Project Laddaw
RAF Conningsby
Royal National Lifeboat Institute
Selby Rail Freight Terminal
Southern Syringe Services
Tibbet & Britten
TK Maxx
United Drug
United Milk
University of Limerick

Product range

Air handling units and air handling systems

JetAHU - Air handling unitsJet AHU Ltd was born from the requirement for a high quality air handling unit, AHU that was reliable, engineered to the highest standards and affordable

Our range of Air Handling Units are designed to create a symbiosis of heat, ventilation and air filtration. The result is a perfectly balanced environment for people and industry.

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Each unit is manufactured using a combination of in-house technical expertise, high quality production facilities and a dedicated, experienced workforce.

Jet takes every care to ensure the air handling units you choose are optimised for your purposes, producing drawings and technical specifications to illustrate exactly how the units will fit into your chosen air handling system.

More importantly, Jet will provide you with the complete solution, utilising the latest technologies and software to deliver superior air handling.

At Jet AHU Ltd, we develop air handling units that combine the latest in engineering technology with specifically designed software control to deliver the complete solution.

JetAHU design air handling units and controllersOffering a superior service in comparison to other manufacturers, the Jet AHU range is designed, manufactured and fully fitted at our factory premises and delivered to you complete and ready for installation with no on-site wiring required.

The Jet range of air handling units is designed to meet all your atmospheric needs for both commercial and industrial buildings, complying with construction and operational standards for European and international markets.

Jet air handling units are designed to individual specifications, with drawings of each unit provided prior to assembly. They have many advantages over other units available, such as extended warranty cover and integrated controls.

Integrated controls are based on the Honeywell range of controllers, but can be adapted to any make as required. Many advanced features such as the sequential control of output signals to each setting, the extensive user-friendly time control and summer/winter compensation settings come as standard.

JetAHU installationJet units are manufactured from high density, durable materials incorporating many insulated layers, adding strength and protection to the components and making Jet air handling units unique in their stability. The result is a strong shell with a low noise transmission and excellent insulation properties.

Whether for internal or external fitting, Jet AHUs have the durability and insulation to cope with extreme environmental pressures. Quality control is integral to Jet, with each unit inspected and protected before leaving the factory. With individual service on an affordable scale, Jet’s air handling units are the only choice for a complete solution.

Selection graphs

If you are aware of the air velocity and volume required, simply click on the Selection Graphs link, to ascertain the type of unit required.

AHU-Selection Chart
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Once the type of unit required has been ascertained, click on the Information Tables link, where you will be able to obtain nominal dimensions and weights, together with section lengths and heating and cooling performances.

AHU-Selection Data
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 Whatever your air handling unit requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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