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Jet AHU Limited provides a superior performing range of air handling units, AHU's, which meet European and International market requirements for reliable and efficient, yet affordable, systems.

Below, listed by installation type, are just some of the air handling unit case studies undertaken by JetAH . For more information or if you would like a quote for your air handling units contact JetAHU.

Air Handling Units for Logistics, Warehouses and Distribution Centres

Click here for detailed information on air handling units for warehouse / distribution centre applications.

Pharmaceutical AHU's

Click here to view JET's market-leading HVAC solutions for facilities involved in the production and/or storage of pharmaceuticals.

Production processes

Click here for detailed information on JET solutions for factories, where the production processes involved and/or product storage requirements demand a constantly regulated temperature.

AHU's for Postal services

Click here to view postal services projects, where JET's solutions meet the climate control requirements for mail storage and sorting while providing a comfortable working environment for the occupants.

Leisure air handling units

Click here for detailed project data on JET solutionsfor leisure air handling units including sports facilities and large buildings with a leisure use.

Other air handling units

Click here to view the variety additional projects in a range of industries, where JET's HVAC solution deals with specific building, application and workforce criteria including swimming pool, train maintenance and museum environments.